Friday, August 21, 2009

RL is a bitch & other ramblings...

I've been away from these pages & mostly out of game for about 6 weeks now. I'm on extended assignment in the Chicago area, and as much as I love the folks and facilities at the Hilton, trying to play Eve on their wireless connection is like trying to drink a milkshake through a juice box straw. Technically possible, but practically unsatisfying & very frustrating.

I've priced AT&T air cards, but I'm afraid that the 5GB / month bandwidth cap wouldn't be sufficient. (If you have personal experience that you'd like to share, I'd certainly welcome your input!)

In the meantime, I'm online as much as I can be when I'm home every other weekend, wishing I could take my FIOS connection with me!

The project team I'm on includes guys of all ages and I let my true colors slip early on in a meeting when I judged a proposed course of action "a fail cascade waiting to happen". After the meeting wrapped, one of the 20-Somethings asked "Uhmm.... Are you a... well... a gamer?". I shrugged & replied "Well, I have been known to take internet spaceships fairly seriously." He still hasn't decided if I'm jacking with him or telling him the truth. ;P

In game, I'm turning my attention toward Black Ops. With the addition of a fuel bay, this class of hulls is going to be very interesting in the future. Black Ops + Cov Ops + Stealth Bombers & Recons = the potential for a very interesting style of roaming gang.

Seppuku has merged and you'll soon see new graphics here. For now, this will have to do: