Thursday, July 31, 2008

I wish I was as talented as Mos....


Mos makes _great_ sigs for Uni members and displays a wonderful sense of humor about Eve & happenings in the Eve Universe.

After a discussion about age, here's his latest effort for me:

I didn't blow coffee on my keyboard like I have in the past with some of his efforts, but I did laugh out loud.

And then, suitably inspired, I created this in response:

I'm not nearly as professional as Mos. I just try to make a clear, cogent point. :)

Love ya, Mos!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

War Dec'ed... By a 5 man Corp??? By a 5 man Corp!!!

This should be.... interesting.

I can jam their entire Corp & have slots left over...

Maybe I'll fit tackle gear on my Scorp. That would be ebil, though, wouldn't it...


Friday, July 25, 2008

Milestones, Millstones & Rolling Stones

It has been an eventful few weeks since I last posted.

Inside the Uni, we have completed our structural reorganization. There were a few surprises (seriously, who would have thought Sabre would ask to be DirLog!) and a few challenges, but all in all, we are already beginning to see the benefits of the new more streamlined structure. More classes, more new students, more new events. It's all good!

In RL, things are full of angst at the moment. My job situation is in flux and I'll most likely be looking for something new shortly.

We put my new son-in-law on an airplane headed to Iraq at Zero Dark Thirty this morning. It was the hardest thing I've been involved in since my Father's death 30+ years ago. It was a surreal event. The 25 or so Soldiers that were part of this movement were all so young. I've always thought it was trite to read comments about units heading out where the observer remarks "They were all just kids..." Changed my mind. It's not trite, it's the truth.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Scarcity of targets <> scarcity of hen's teeth?

I have to admit, the passing of the DecShield protection and subsequent new war dec were a little stressful, being my first time in the DirOps chair.

My first priority was to be sure that the students received clear communication about what activities were allowed/disallowed during the war so that previous drama bombs could be avoided. Generally speaking, that part went well. A few minor miscues, but nothing huge.

Secondly, I wanted to kill targets. Blast their shiny internet spaceships into glowing gobs of pixilated goo. Pop their pods & collect the corpses for Uber. This part was an utter failure. Only 1 kill teaming with Silentbrick and his Onyx, Dook & Edile in 'ceptors & me in Falcon. WT's Manticore buddies were fine sitting 100km off the battle until I uncloaked & started frying eyeballs. They split & their pal's Jag and pod popped.

The rest of the week I saw no action. I even chased a target 25 jumps to have him dock & log as soon as I entered the system. Sigh. Oh well, as Forest says....