Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Scarcity of targets <> scarcity of hen's teeth?

I have to admit, the passing of the DecShield protection and subsequent new war dec were a little stressful, being my first time in the DirOps chair.

My first priority was to be sure that the students received clear communication about what activities were allowed/disallowed during the war so that previous drama bombs could be avoided. Generally speaking, that part went well. A few minor miscues, but nothing huge.

Secondly, I wanted to kill targets. Blast their shiny internet spaceships into glowing gobs of pixilated goo. Pop their pods & collect the corpses for Uber. This part was an utter failure. Only 1 kill teaming with Silentbrick and his Onyx, Dook & Edile in 'ceptors & me in Falcon. WT's Manticore buddies were fine sitting 100km off the battle until I uncloaked & started frying eyeballs. They split & their pal's Jag and pod popped.

The rest of the week I saw no action. I even chased a target 25 jumps to have him dock & log as soon as I entered the system. Sigh. Oh well, as Forest says....

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