Thursday, June 26, 2008

War again....

Uni has been war dec'ed again.

We transitioned from civilian to military operations smoothly. Students have been given clear instructions about what activities are permissible and which are prohibited. Alternate corps for those that don't want to fly combat have been provided.

My whole goal in the transition is to be sure that the student's expectations are in line with reality as much as possible. As in all areas of life, some folks read & understand better than others... (seriously, how can you interpret "- No hauling. Period, full stop. Directors will be reviewing the 'Super Sekrit Who Is Flying What' list. If you are seen in a hauler, you are subject to being shot without additional warning or instruction." as allowing you to undock your Badger & move it 3 jumps in the Jita pipe because "I had a frigate escort and an alt scout.")

My main focus is to avoid drama bombs.

We'll discuss combat ops next time (assuming we find any targets...)

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