Saturday, June 7, 2008

Bad, Dee! Bad, Dee!

It's true. I haven't posted in a long time.

Some of the silence was due to the protracted war that we were involved in. Previous OPFOR leadership indicated that they were using Uni leadership blogs as intel tools. I don't think there was ever anything useful posted in any of our leadership blogs, but if there's nothing posted, there's no doubt.

Some of the silence was due to RL work issues. My new position is very stressful and the personal time that I had was best used in blowing WT's up. Internet spaceship explosions are great stress relievers!

Some of the silence was due to RL family issues. My youngest daughter was engaged early in the year to a fine young man, a 2nd Lt in the US Army (artillery). His first assignment was to take him to Ft. Hood as part of the 4th ID, which was just returning from Iraq. He was to have at least 18 months at Ft. Hood before any possible deployment, so December college graduation and December wedding all seemed in order. Location secured, dress purchased (mid July delivery), caterer selected. Check, check & check.


On 4/15, orders change to 4th Brigade of 4ID, which was reflagged to 4th Brigade, 1st Cav at Ft. Hood and set for deployment to Iraq mid June. Brigade S1 indicates that he would be in country by 1 July.

So, we had to respond to the logistical challenge of moving a wedding forward 6 months with 6 weeks notice. And you think COAD is full of drama!

Another dress, another location, an unusual time later, this past Sunday we got them married. Daughter & Son-In-Law report to Ft. Hood 12 June and we go from there.

Bottom line is updating my internet spaceship blog hasn't been very high on my list. I can't say I'm sorry, because even in retrospect, I can see no scenario where I would have changed my priorities enough to get this in.

I will say that I'm hopeful the drama curve in my life has peaked and is exhibiting negative slope! If so, I'll be more regular in updating this.

In my next post, Morning Maniac pays me a great compliment & I get a new set of Eve challenges.


Serdic said...

I wish them all the health, happiness and success they deserve. Here's to a safe return from deployment.

Serdic said...

Also, speaking as a blogger and reader, one of the things I appreciate about this blog is that when you write, you really are writing for yourself.