Sunday, June 8, 2008

New Chair

During the latter stages of the latest Privateers war, our Director of Operations (think Chief Operating Officer), Kassie Kelmer stepped down. During war, this is not that big a deal as command of the Uni transfers to Fleet Admiral Silentbrick during war and all peaceful activities are suspended.

The return of peace to the Uni also meant that it was time for this chair to be filled.

I was quite surprised to receive a PM from Morning Maniac asking if I would consider accepting the position. Surprised is not really strong enough. More like stunned. The same way I would feel if Sabre and Riccar announced they were becoming monks & joining a monastery where they could only speak 2 words every year.

I asked myself a lot of questions, because I'm not a 'typical' MMO player or Eve player. I'm older. More, shall we say, restrained and measured in response. The PvP side of things is great fun, but is not my primary interest in the game. The social and economic sides of things are much more interesting to me than pew-pew. (But that doesn't mean I don't fly combat. When the call goes out, I'll be there frying eyeballs in an EW ship of some kind and performing well enough that our enemies take notice... But that's a story for another day!) My play time and my entertainment dollars that I spend in Eve are intended to be stress relievers for me. Would this new chair turn my 'fun' time into just another job.... A job that I pay for!

My decision hinged on these three factors:

  • Eve University was unique when founded because of the vision of one person who believed that there was a place for selflessness even in a game that was inherently selfish in design.
  • Eve University remains unique more than four years later because of the students, the instructors and the leaders who continually reaffirm that core value by their actions.
  • There is not a finer group of people, in or out of the game, than those that have Eve University in their history.
I hold to a belief system that calls me to be selfless in my interactions and unique in my viewpoints. I also firmly believe that a person's in-game behavior and interactions reflect the majority of the characteristics of the real person behind the keyboard. Given that, I was compelled to accept.

I am humbled to have been asked to serve in this position and grateful for the opportunity to assist in the advancement of our mission. I consider myself a steward of great things that exist and a facilitator of great things yet to come. Yes, it is just internet spaceships. But internet spaceships is serious freakin' business! :)

Dee Carson
Director of Operations
Eve University


Silentbrick said...

But you're so well suited for it Dee. Far more than I am of course. I seriously did not want to sit in that chair again. You will do a good job, you don't know how to do anything else I think.

Serdic said...

Congrats man... it's a dubious honour, I'm sure.