Tuesday, June 10, 2008

War stories....

I had lots of fun in the last series of wars. Most of my time was spent in my trusty Scorpion (Seen in local: "You've been playing Eve too long when you know Dee's Scorpion by name...), but I started flying a Falcon toward the end. Being able sneak around cloaked, uncovering at the most opportune moment to fry eyeballs is great fun!

About mid-way through the war, Sabre & I were messing around with a couple of WT's that were playing dock/undock games. We had a support fleet forming 4 jumps away, so we were failry comfortable even with the WT's having support in the next system, too. So they'd undock and agress, then I'd jam them and Sabre would pound on them until they would dock again... Pretty routine... Couple more show up & join the fun... Still no big deal... The support fleet has started to move and Sabre plots having them jump in & warp to the station as soon as we get one of the WT's agressed.

Some mis-communication later, Sabre & I are facing 6 battleships, expecting our support fleet to be in warp, when we discover that they are still 4 systems out & we are on our own! I have 5 of the 6 jammed, but have drone aggro from all of them. Sabre is trying to kill the drones. The 6th guy has me webbed & scrammed. I'm hung on the station. The situation is going south fast! I miss a jam cycle while aligning & swapping 3 jammers to the guy who has me webbed... I'm already spamming the warp button thinking this Scorp is done for & I need to save my pod...

Then, a near miracle! Jammers hit on the guy that has me scrammed & webbed. Warp initiates. I'm out with 2% structure. Yup, 2%. Those leadership skills & shield/armor bonuses just paid off in spades! Sabre is laughing on TS "Did ya' get out? Ya' got out, right, Dee? Tell me you got out, Dee?"

Shortly after that we're told, OPFOR leadership distributes a "Do Not Engage" list via corp mail. Pretty funny that the biggest carebear of them all (me) is on the list with the designation "EW God! Don't even bother...". After that, it was pretty tough for me to get into a fight.

Next time... I get my Falcon cherry popped.

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Kody said...

*cheers for the EW God*

Great story!