Saturday, June 14, 2008

Some days you're the windshield, some days you're the bug....

Our last war was in the wind down phase. Not yet on cool down, but the OPFOR had been scarce for a while. Students were getting restless about not missioning or mining and not being able to shoot anything either.

So, Silentbrick scheduled a suicide destroyer only op (which I missed because of scheduling) and a follow on Battle Badger trip to Maila.

I was late getting on and the fleet of haulers had already left. I asked if there was anything special I could bring to help out. Silentbrick says "Well, a Falcon would be evil! Bwaaaah haaaaa haaaa haaa!"

Only having recently started flying Falcons (and being absolutely in love with them!), I agreed, undocked & made best speed to Maila. As I'm jumping into system, Silent calls 'Contact, Curse!' I report that I'm in system. Silent indicates that the Curse has engaged and calls for me to warp in at range.

I initiate warp to Slientbrick, range 100. Fall out of warp right on top of the Curse, which de-cloaks me! This is going to be interesting. His drones immediately start pounding me. I'm aligning to get the hell out and initiating a jam cycle. Jam cycle hits and I'm thinking I may get out of this, start spamming warp button. And then:

"Your capacitor is empty."

Neut-ed. Completely empty. Can you say "Falcon on a stick"? Crunchy on the outside, chewy in the center.

Bad luck for sure, but it still stinks.

Got my pod out and the boys got a bit of my stuff. Silentbrick had a slightly used Falcon he sold me, so it was all good at the end.

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