Friday, July 25, 2008

Milestones, Millstones & Rolling Stones

It has been an eventful few weeks since I last posted.

Inside the Uni, we have completed our structural reorganization. There were a few surprises (seriously, who would have thought Sabre would ask to be DirLog!) and a few challenges, but all in all, we are already beginning to see the benefits of the new more streamlined structure. More classes, more new students, more new events. It's all good!

In RL, things are full of angst at the moment. My job situation is in flux and I'll most likely be looking for something new shortly.

We put my new son-in-law on an airplane headed to Iraq at Zero Dark Thirty this morning. It was the hardest thing I've been involved in since my Father's death 30+ years ago. It was a surreal event. The 25 or so Soldiers that were part of this movement were all so young. I've always thought it was trite to read comments about units heading out where the observer remarks "They were all just kids..." Changed my mind. It's not trite, it's the truth.


Paul Simer said...

I've been enjoying reading your blog from the beginning over the past week or so. Very fun and informative.

A friend and I just started into EVE a couple months ago. We're having fun (he's a miner, I'm in a ninja salvaging corp) but the more we play the more we realize how deep the complexities of EVE run. It was my hope that by joining a "non-traditional" guild that I'd learn quickly the ins and outs of the game, but it's still mostly been self-taught. I see mention of things like organized classes and thing to myself, "Now self, THAT is what you need to get involved in!"

So. What's the procedure for applying to join? Skill requirements? Essay assignment? :)

Paul Simer said...

Gah, I said guild when I meant corp. Did I mention that we both played WoW and got sick of it? :)

Dee Carson said...


The info you need is here:

See you soon,

Paul Simer said...

Thanks, Mr. Carson. I'm reading up on the site and sitting in the channel right now. I'll hang out until I can get the ear of an officer. Maybe you could convo me sometime when it's convenient? Name is 'Paul Clavet'.

I'm tremendously humbled and grateful for what your son and others like him are doing for us.

cr8r said...


Hope everything works out for you regarding the job and what not. I know you've got plenty to worry about just keeping us noobs pointed in the right direction half the time without adding real life stress. :)

I don't want to give that sick gut feeling, but regarding your comment on "they're just kids"... being a rider w/ Patriot Guard, I've helped bury too many kids. Every funeral I've attended has left me feeling a little more humble and a little bit luckier that the DOD refused my contract on medical grounds in college. I'm not a religious person, but I do hope your boy (as he is yours as well as hers now) comes home with as few scars as possible.