Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"How old are you?"

One of our members posed that question on our internal forums and added a poll to allow folks to both respond and to display the results.

With nearly 200 responses, the results are not only interesting, they are statistically valid for Eve University and close to being statistically valid for the Eve Universe as a whole. The results as of this morning:

How old are the Unistas?
8 - 12
1% [ 2 ]
13 - 18
3% [ 7 ]
19 - 23
12% [ 25 ]
24 - 29
22% [ 44 ]
30 - 37
26% [ 52 ]
38 - 44
23% [ 46 ]
45 - 51
5% [ 11 ]
52 - 60
3% [ 6 ]
0% [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 194

What interests me is the almost perfect distribution curve around the mid-thirty age group.

First of all, I was surprised to see how old the central band was. I really expected to see more players in their mid 20's than in their mid 30's. That younger expectation seems to be the general consensus of other estimates of the average age of Eve players.

Secondly, I was pleasantly surprised to see that I'm not as much of an anomaly as I thought. There is a decent proportion of us that listened to Paul McCartney before Wings and actually dialed a telephone, rather than punching numbers!


Manasi said...

look at my poll http://manasimule.blogspot.com/2008/09/poll-recap-and-few-thoughts.html

and mynxee's

to get a good idea of what the three of us have found

Mynxee said...

I'm sure there are at least a few players voting on all three polls, but it is interesting how consistent the results are among them. Glad to see us "older" players have representation--more than I expected, esp. in your poll, Dee. :)

Dee Carson said...

'm wondering if there's a relationship between RL age and 'career' in Eve.

Are younger players more PvP focused with older players more interested in the economic/production facets of the game?

I'll take a look at our polling capability to see if we can ask two tiered questions like that. The problem will be getting enough responses in each age band to be statistically valid.

Anonymous said...

you fail to see that people who read blogs about games are older. Younger people tend to be more impatient and would much rather play the game.

Your population is people who read blogs about eve-online, that group doesn't necessarily depict the actual population of eve-online.

Mynxee said...

Dee: While I started as a carebear, these days I'm primarily a pirate. And among the oldest of players...for what that's worth.

Anonymous: Not necessarily true. Just the other day, I got an enthusiastic shout-out in Local from a 17-year-old who reads my blog. Far more players (no doubt of all ages) read blogs than vote in polls posted on blogs. Many dozens of my EVE acquaintances have shared their RL ages; the age polls mentioned here are representative of that population and probably of the overall population as well.

Manasi said...

@ Anon I understand and to a small degree agree with your comments, however Mynxeee is right I get an occasional "HEY MULE" from folks I do not even know...to which I answer Heeyyyy HAWwwwwww...and begin to laugh like a maniac!

Dee Carson said...

@ Anon

Actually, if you check the OP, you'll see that the poll to which I refer was on the Eve University internal forums, not on any blog. The audience is our 1200+ membership there is no causal link between E Uni membership & blog readership of which I'm aware.

Manasi & Mynxee were commenting that polls taken on their blogs were aligned with the one referenced from EUNI's forum.

YoMma said...

Again interesting. I've always perceived the EVE community to be a lot older than the majority of MMOs.

My test is always whether or not my Dad is an anomaly statistically...in WoW, people were always like "Whoa...your DAD plays this game?", whereas in the majority of my experience in EVE so far its simply just accepted as par for the course. My first corp was composed of core members who ages between 30-40, except for myself (21).

Maybe you're on to something with age vs career - but there are always differences. A corp mate and RL friend (21 years old) is a trader character and thoroughly enjoys it. But maybe that's an anomaly since I'm a combat player! Although in my defence, I have a Retriever :P

Waddo said...

Great blog Dee....I'm with ya, Paul McCartney & Wings, Boston, BTO,...I even remember listening to Tony Orlando & Dawn (don't tell anyone though!)