Thursday, February 19, 2009

End of War One

Seppuku Warriors has concluded our first campaign and the results were satisfying.

58 kills / 2 losses.

There was a little bit of everything, too. We flew battleship fleets, 'ceptor gangs & pretty much everything in between. Practical instruction on tactical bookmarking, station humping, remote repping and the use of OOC reppers, POS takedowns and the appropriate use of GF in local.

Personally, I flew almost everything in my hangar at some point, grabbing kills in some of my favorites (Can't Stop The Rokh!), protecting my mates from the shadows or savoring the 'new ship smell' of the latest addition to my HAC fleet ("He can't hit me from way out there with miss[BLAMMM]...").

Having finished off Recon V during the war, I'm beginning the process of cross-training some Minnie ships. Since all of my gunnery support skills work for projectiles as well as rails, getting to T2 fitted Minnie 'ceptors and assault frigates is just a few days training.

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Eyedoll said...

Oh Dee.. minmatar ships? Really?? :(