Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's still not Checkers 2.0

CCP Devs have reconsidered at least one facet of the proposed ECM nerf, agreeing that the Falcon's role is that of long range jamming platform.

The nerf methodology of flipping the optimal/falloff stats of jammers will bring me closer to the fight and increase the danger of a missed jam.

However, it in no way affects the probability of me obtaining that jam. In other words, if you were bitching about getting 'permajammed' under the existing rules, you will see absolutely no difference. None. Nada. Zero. Your interceptor is still going to get taken out of the fight every time.

The stealth part of the nerf is the removal of the cap useage bonus. I haven't been able to model that quite yet to determine how severe the hit will be, but it will cause more missed cycles because of dry cap.

Here's my reply in the EO thread:

- With the revised Falcon changes
- With the flip of base optimal and falloff ranges
- With no change in either SDA, PDA or PDP stats
- With fit of 3 SDA + 2 PDP (so max jammer)
- With max related skills

Optimal 46% reduction from 227 to 122.
Optimal + Falloff 25 % reduction from 267 to 202
No change in jamming strength which remains at 14.4

The results:

- No change in the probabilities of a jam. If you were on the wrong end of the jam strength vs sensor strength math before, you still are. Repeat, you still are.

- Increased danger related to a missed jam because you are inside engagement range of more OPFOR.

Easy Predictions:

- More Falcons on the field to cover the missed jams.
- Snipers will be the next nerf target, because with engagement ranges > any other ship on the field, the whines will start all over again.

Sorry CCP, but these changes won't obtain the result you seem to be after.

Once the checker players realize that their short range, one dimensional, total WTFOMGPWNZR mobiles are going to get jammed just as often, you'll see the expressed satisfaction with this proposed nerf drop like a rock.


Tony "EVE's Weekend Warrior" said...


Great analyzing again for the ECM playas! Caldari FTW!

But seriously, I can't believe this many people are this ignorant...

Tony "EVE's Weekend Warrior" said...

We will still be in closer, while they, the other guys, will still be perma-jammed!


WTM said...

Great analysis again....

Could be quite entertaining, especially as now we would be close enough to actually use our missle launchers

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your analysis bro it certainly makes me wonder why are they messing with it at all then?

JThelen said...

They're changing it because enough people are in an uproar that they feel it might be a bit overpowered. Caldari EWAR has always been especially effective due to its nature, though. I can understand the need to scale it back some, but Dee's right as usual. This change is going to lead to Caldari Rail snipers getting spanked with the Nerfbat next.