Monday, September 7, 2009

New team, new graphics, same explosions...

The activities of Seppuku Warriors resulted in an invitation to merge with Evolution and most of our combat pilots made the shift. Yup, I'm now a BoB biatch!

The Communism thing feels a little strange. Everything is a corp op. But the flip side is that the hangars are full and I'm flying ships that I would never buy out of my own pocket.

For example, the call went out for Guardian pilots. I'd never flown one, but just for giggles, I checked my skills against the ship/fit & determined that I could handle the ship, the remote reppers & the cap transfers. So, I raised my hand and a Guardian was dropped in my hangar & off we went. Setting up the cap transfer web was accomplished in short order. It's pretty amazing to see all those large reppers running & cap never dropping below 80%!

Yesterday, I logged in to hear a large fleet fight underway 35+ jumps away. I grabbed an interceptor & sprinted to the fight. By the time I got there, the fight had evolved into a planet chase. I managed several tackles & almost got popped a couple of times. In the end, I swapped my Stilleto for an Apoc, saving my pod.

I'll make that trade any day!

I'm still toying with new graphics, so let me know your feelings on the latest header.

Back to Chicago tonight. O/


Magson said...

Sounds like you've been having a blast!

Once I'm able to scare up more regular playtime I'll be looking at joining a 0.0 corp. Until then.... skills train, but that's about it.

Kaldor Mintat said...

Nice hearing you are still having a good time in eve. Even though you have turned from the true path of the miner carebear.... ;)

Anonymous said...

Asuri here.

Nice header - Nice holdover of your name graphics.

Glad to hear your back (some) and enjoying yourself Dee!

Hope the family is doing well m8!