Saturday, September 15, 2007


First the servers don't co-operate with our mining Road Trip, then I have some RL issues to deal with, then another war dec...

My fangs hadn't fully retracted from the last time!

I'll be putting on my Navy uniform for the duration, so no mining for me. Mining during war time is not a good idea, particularly against small corps that specialize in the solo gank.

If you choose to mine (against advice!), then be smart:

- Choose an isolated system
- Make a safespot away from the gates, belts & stations
- Position your mining spot out of plane to the belt, so you have a clear shot at your escape (station, safespot)
- Don't use a gate as an initial escape, you won't know what's on the other side
- Point to the escape before you start mining & set speed to 0
- If WT jumps in, leave the belt immediately! Go to safe spot & cloak or WTZ to station & dock.

The important thing is to first deny these guys the kind of gank they like and force them to fight on our terms.

A fully T2 fitted Myrm is death to 3 frigates & a vanilla BC. But a 15 person fleet with sufficient EWAR support is another matter entirely.

Be smart!

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