Thursday, September 13, 2007

Yeah, I'm old....

From private convo:

Dee, no disrespect, but you are like my Dad’s age! What are you doing playing Eve?”

There are _so_ many smart aleck ways to answer that question. However, when tempted to make such a remark, I’m always drawn up short by the wisdom of my father (who is still getting smarter, even though he passed 30 yrs ago) who said: “Son, everyone likes a little ass, but nobody like a big smart ass.”

So the straightforward answer is that I’ve been a wargamer for a long time. I was invited to join the Beta Team at 360 Pacific for their Harpoon series after I called their tech support line & gave them 3 pages of ship/weapons/sensor errors in their initial database. As a result of the relationships established there, I had a part in the following titles:

Harpoon I, II and IV
Harpoon Battlesets (Authored 30+ scenarios)
V For Victory Series (4 titles)
Steel Panthers I & II
Steel Panthers Expansion Sets (4 titles)
Panzer General
Allied General
Pacific General
Silent Hunter I & II
SU-27 Flanker

I took a break for heavy duty gaming while my daughters were growing up, but with both of them in college a couple of years ago, I started playing online poker. Winning was nice (my poker winnings paid for a couple of vacations!), but the social aspect of playing was more interesting. When on-line poker play for money was essentially made illegal for US players, I began to search for another online activity. Eve was the first MMOG I ever tried and I was hooked in the first ten minutes.

So it’s not complicated. I play because it’s fun! I’m a part of Eve University because I enjoy teaching and the people.


DeSlisser said...

It's all about the ben... eurhm fun!!!

Even though it has been a very short/limited experience in my 22 days with EVE uni. You have already left me with a very positive feeling about it.

It is a shame some people (misguidedly) link age with the ability to have fun with (online) games.

DeSlisser said...

P.s. Deslisser is Malenfer in EVE.