Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Nice Night!

Last night was interesting... Our resident ore thief took up station in a cruiser at the undock bookmark at HQ and jetted two cans with a single round of ammo in each. Kaye & I baby sat him for a time and dropped our own single round cans("Please" and "Take Me"). We also assembled a squad of combat ships who were all docked at HQ. On the call, the docked ships undocked and warped to the undock can, effectively landing right on top of our "friend". We held position for 60 seconds and then gang warped to the Osmon gate. Message delivered.

Later a few of us headed down to Poinen to help a 7 day old member with World's Collide. Assault Frigates FTW!

On the way back, an ore thief in Nuken in a Drake stole from another of our new guys in a Bantam.

No more than 60 secs later, Kaye and her Domi were second to the belt and engaged. A couple of cruisers who were on station also engaged at that point. As I jumped, I called for tacklers to cover the Korsiki side of the gate, hoping that when I showed up in a tackling Scorp, I'd either lock him down or he would run out the gate.

My warp in point was out of scram range, so I jammed him, added my launchers to the mix and engaged MWD to get close enough to tackle. The thief warped to the gate with me following. I jumped through to see 12 corpmates waiting! Kaye warped to the gate to engage. The thief both declined to engage or to jump through, chosing instead to head to Lai Dai and dock up to wait out the timer.

So we took the squad to the station & camped him until his timer expired.

I'm really proud of the attitude of teamwork & co-operation displayed by our pilots. We won't always catch the bad guy, even when we are in position to bust him if he makes a mistake. In this case, he didn't, but we still delivered our message.


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