Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Butt-kickings = Learning Opportunities

Our current war is generally going well for Eve University. We have more than held our own and both new pilots and new FC's have been blooded.

Sometimes, the best lessons are learned from getting an old fashioned butt-kicking. Case in point:

The Battle In Obanen

Our opponents had been fielding lots of 'ceptors, nano'ed cruisers and other slippery ships. These present challenges for Uni fleets and new FC's because they allow the OPFOR to control the engagement. Difficult to lock and engage in Empire, such flight demonstration teams are not significant threats as long as pilots pay attention, stay with the fleet and have the dicispline to not get drawn away from support. Our pilots adapted by choosing smaller, specialized ships with gang support to capture and engage.

No matter the venue, combat is about the constant dance of action and reaction. Seeing our changes, our opponents chose to bring the big shiny ships this time. One of our new FC's had the fleet in Obanen when our opponents surged spider repping battleships into our force. What's more they supported this force with out of corp, neutral remote repping logisitics ships. Our FC fought well, but you can't send kittens against wildcats and expect them to win everytime. Our fleet was rocked:


What was interesting, was seeing how the students learned from the encounter. Moving from questioning "Can they do that? They can use an out of corp, neutral to rep them during battle?" to acceptance "Wow, I didn't know that! So that's why the logistics ship turned flashy...." to internalization of the lesson "So, when the logistics ship goes flashy, we should just kill it, too."

Payback in Korsiki

It's really great to see learning put into action, isn't it?


The logistics ship and the primary Dominix went down within seconds of each other.

And that, ladies & gentlemen, is what Eve University is all about. Learning. The pilots involved will forever be on the lookout for 'neutral' logistics ships and ready to deal with their intervention. Mission accomplished!


Mynxee said...

Very nice! You guys do a great job. Sometimes I think I could use a few months' tuition flying with y'all LOL!

No'Wai said...

i look forward to the wars end to join you guys,,,good writing. please update more often sir. it is very good.

Dee Carson said...

@ Mynxee - erm... I can cover the tuition. Gate guns are another issue. ;)

@ no-wai - Glad you enjoy it and hope to see you soon! If I'm not prolific enough, check the Blog Pack link on the right.


No'Wai said...

what a nice guy =D responds to comments!BY NAME. srsly rdy to join. wth warrin euni.

and yer pub channel so ronery

MD said...

Your the miner with fang, and this war saw me turn into a scout with teeth.

Observing their actions and adapting to them quickly enable everyone to get in on more kills then usual, including myself which is a good thing for all the ones that stick it out during war :-)