Saturday, October 18, 2008

Co-Operative Mining Guide

One of the new students who was participating in a quick & dirty little mining op with me Thursday night has been reading through the mining information on our internal forums and asked why the Co-Operative Mining Guide that I authored for Eve University was not on my blog....

Erm... Well... MetaDog ate my only copy? I'm working on a Sanskrit translation? It was in my alt's cargo hold when she was ganked in BWF?

Not buying any of that, are you...

The simple reason is that I didn't think about it until asked.

So, here it is:

Eve University Co-Operative Mining Guide

This version is more than a year old and needs to be tweaked just a bit, but 99% of the information conveyed is still valid.

The purpose of the document is to show how to take all of the wonderful theory in Halada's Guide and put it into practice. More hands on & less numbers. As such, it is not intended to stand alone, but to be viewed in concert with the other more technical resources available.

I'll put updating this on my To Do list. If I can find the last page...


Anonymous said...

I'm a fan of guides that focus on the practical rather than the theory (probably because my brain can't handle much theory). Ergo, I'm a fan of your guide :)

Altaree said...

Very nice. I think you might want to add a bit about a role for a mining booster. Also, does eve-u use mining buddy? I used it in Red Frog Investments to great effect.

Dee Carson said...

@ Zapatero - Thanks!

@ altaree:

Adding a section on mining boosters (specifically on the use of fleet command ships & mining hardwirings) is a part of my revision list, thanks!

Some Uni folks use Mining Buddy. I personally do not, having developed Excel spreadsheets to to the work long ago.