Monday, February 18, 2008

Fuzzy made a comment about my shotgun...

So I added a couple of additional pictures.

My new RL job is consuming tons of my Eve time. Fun in a different way and it's good that most of my skills for both Kaye & Dee are long term now... A 4 day skill seems short now!

Plus my new notebook will run the premium graphics. :) What a treat! I can even leave sounds & effects turned on!

I'm maxing out my exhumer skills, betting that will be a requirement for the rumored Orca, while Kaye is 26 days from Gallente Cruiser V. Not sure if her next step will be HAC's or Heavy 'Dictors.


Anonymous said...

I hope the 'blossom' is ammo in that last pic and that there's at least a teeny bit of hen left :)

-space gator

Dee Carson said...

'Blossom' is feathers & that was a rooster. It was in surprisingly good shape & was cooked the next day.

The hen was not targeted as it was blue to our party. :)