Thursday, February 7, 2008

Here's to a short, victorious war!

Those Who Would Like To Be Named withdrew their dec last night right after we popped and podkilled 6 of 14 members of a cruiser gang in Korsiki, with no losses.

Previous to the withdrawal, I assisted in the CSAR of one of our cruiser pilots caught in station in Olo.

Subsequent to the withdrawal of the dec, we headed south to camp a few gates 2 systems from their HQ. One of the other directors had been stranded in OPFOR's home system earlier on a DC & emergency warp from the gate. I swapped to a Manticore to take a look at the gate & help him get out. Jumping into the system, I landed in the middle of 2 Scorps & a Typhon. Things were exciting for a moment as I made my way to a safe spot & cloaked. Moments later, 5 of the 6 WT's left system. I gave a heads up to the FC of our main fleet 2 systems out & returned to confirm the gate was empty. Our fleet took down all 5 smartbomb fitted battleships & 3 pod for the loss of a dessie, 8 frigs & 3 pods.

Meanwhile, my Manticore got popped as I was one volley hitting short of scoring a Caracal & my Raven buddy couldn't uncloak & target fast enough to support. My bad as I underestimated how much time it would take for him to get into the fight.

All in all, a very satisfying evening!

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