Sunday, February 3, 2008

Peace is death to blog posts...

At least it seems that way...

Caldari Battleship V finished, boack to work on mining support skills for a bit.

I broke down & bought a Raven and have been running some L3 missions for Lai Dai. Very easy so far. Hope to get to a L4 agent soon.

In RL, I have accepted a position as Chief Financial Officer for one of my audit clients. Will probably mean more travel, but I ordered a kick ass notebook (Dell XPS 1730) that supports the premium graphics. Spending the weekend moving files & stuff from old notebook to the new one.

Finraer is taking a bit of an extended leave of absence and will be missed.

Fingers crossed that Beastie Boys' Superbowl bet pans out!


1 comment:

James Muscat said...

Fortunately it looks like you'll be making a lot more blog posts this week, then... ;-)