Thursday, December 11, 2008

Another War Dec....

This will put us over a month of near constant war decs.

A dec every now and then is fun for us, but, because we close recruiting during wars, it means that we are unable to act on our main purpose, getting new pilots quickly immersed in the game. The frustration level among leadership rises because we know that the fewer people we help, the fewer new trial accounts convert to subscriptions. And no matter what your play style, fewer new pilots is bad.

So, our pilots continue to fight the way we always do. Tight discipline, combined arms fleets, lots of little ships with low skillpoint pilots and a few vets who bring the heat.

Trading cruisers for battleships. ;)


Angus said...

Heck, the wars aren't even that bad as long as the targets.. um... I mean people host the war actually show up for their own damn party. Been a bunch of wimps lately.

PsycheDiver said...

you should see how many people want to pick a fight with the Ushra'Khan. It's insane.