Thursday, December 18, 2008

Turn The Page...

[Wall of Text Warning!]

Six months ago, I accepted Morning Maniac's request to assume the chair of Director of Operations of Eve University. I was honored to be trusted with the task of serving his vision of selflessness, the most human of qualities, in such an unexpected venue as internet spaceships and flattered that a bunch of 'kids' would consider listening to an old man.

The place of Eve University in the Eve-verse is interesting. By design, it is only a starting point. A place to gain an understanding of the game, in all it's complexity and to establish the knowledge base that allows a new pilot to choose a more focused experience and leave with our blessing and support as they go.

The guidelines that we place on our students invariably begin to chafe more and more as new pilots gain experience. They enjoy the camaraderie and experience so much that they don't want to leave, but the pinch they feel leads to frustration and efforts to transform the Uni into something it can never be as long as it remains true to MM's vision.

In speaking with many such students, I tried to stress that leaving the Uni was an expected event, something to be viewed with excitement and happiness, rather than dread and disappointment.

Really sucks when your own words come back to haunt you, but sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

The past few weeks have found me increasingly restless and frustrated with my game time. Being the Head Cat Wrangler put me in the position of attempting (wrongly) to be available for any question, crisis or dispute that needed attention. I had anticipated that danger and we implemented a distributed org chart and pushed down authority and responsibility as far as possible, but DirOps is responsible for all.

Rather than go postal, I determined that the time had arrived for me to heed my own advice and launch forth on my own. There was no single trigger. No one event or person that caused me to make this choice. It was just time.

News of my departure was initially interpreted as some kind of date challenged 'April Fool's Day' joke, but rapidly turned to an expression of gratitude and appreciation that validated my timing was correct. Always leave before you wear out your welcome!

My new tunic doesn't seem to fit quite right yet, but the medal from Eve University looks nice. I'm quite proud to receive the first medal awarded by the Uni and will always have it on public display.

To the students and faculty of Eve University, I wish for you:

A fast ship and a star to steer her by.
Fair winds and following seas.
A target rich environment.


Your servant,
Dee Carson

[End Wall of Text]

tl;dr version:

So Long, My Brothers In Arms

Thanks for all the fish!



PsycheDiver said...

Good luck to you.

Mynxee said...

Dee: I look forward to hearing what's next for you, as I assume you will continue to play EVE. Kind of hard to think about EVE Uni and not have your image come to mind, honestly.

Eyedoll said...

Fly safe Dee. Thx again for all the hard work and effort you did for Eve Uni. Nothing but respect for that. You'll be missed.


Anthony said...

I can't wait to see what you get into next. I will watch your career with great interest. ;)

~Arkanis VonBerra

Dee Carson said...

@ Mynxee - I will most def be continuing to play Eve! I talk more about future plans in the coming days. (I've had a few offers already to cross over to The Dark Side! lol )

Cr8r said...


I chuckled when I saw my comment incorporated into your blog today (april fools). Then I sighed realizing that one of the voices in my head(phones) was not going to be there in the future reminding me to mind my ways and words. I shall miss flying w/ you my friend, but hopefully you will accept an offer to share a drink w/ me should we ever find ourselves in the same state together. As to the offers, I know of at least one that you either have or will soon get that I hope you take for my own selfish reasons. Stay in touch old man and don't forget to raise a single malt to the ole Uni on occasion.


Manasi said...

Dee, you obviously thought long about your departure. I would have been shocked as well had I been in EvE Uni. Just a thought but couldn't you setup a Post graduate degree program...I'm not being flip mind you. I have always had great respect for you and your folks and the graduates. The loss can be hard. If Eve Uni is the beginning why not give it a next step? Coaching older pilots that have gone through eve Uni, and then been out in space a while? Just a thought. Fair winds and following seas.

Merry Christmas too

Dee Carson said...

@ cr8r - I've already reserved the first Bar at SAK in Korsiki when WIS arrives. It is to be called "Carson's" and will feature only single malt scotch. ;)

@ Manasi - A group of Uni students did that exact thing a couple of years ago. 'The Graduates' is the corp name and they are currently a part of Morsus Mihi.

Dookagalla said...

Sad to see you go buddy good luck in future ventures

Finraer said...

Sad to see you leave Dee, but also happy to see you leaving on your own terms.

Definitely a massive loss to EVE University.

I wish you all the best for whatever you do in-game and hope to stay in touch. You know you only need to call.


CrazyKinux said...

Good luck to you wherever you decide to settle. And if you're ever in the vicinity of the Khanid Kingdom then please give me a heads-up!


Serdic said...

Fly safe.

Jaala Creed said...

Good luck and have fun with Eve Dee. I thank and bow to you for everything you've done for us. I'll miss you, since you became a big part of the uni in the time you were with us.

Fly Safe,

Diametrix said...


E-UNI was a great foundation to EVE for myself and many many other pilots. I'm proud to have learned from you, SilentBrick and many other terrific folk.

Best of Luck in all your future endeavors.