Saturday, January 5, 2008

Esprit de Corps

When bad things happen, organizations either rise to the occasion or they disintegrate.

No doubt, the CNR loss was a bad thing. The opportunity existed for Uni to fracture, to lose focus and effectiveness. The CNR loss was a pivotal moment. What happened was very interesting:

Kills/Losses Exchange Ratio

Pre CNR:
32/84 -2.62 (We were losing 2.62 ships for every ship we shot down)

Post CNR:
71/49 +1.45 (We were shooting down 1.45 ships for every ship we lost)

There are many reasons for this remarkable turnaround, and I'm sure that those tactical observations & lessons will be posted on the Uni internal forums, but the overarching point is simply this:

We could have quit.

Many thought we should and would.

We didn't.

We win.


Dee Carson
Capt. ILN

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