Friday, January 11, 2008

More fun...

Suffering no losses, we added a HAC, a Command Ship and a Domi to the bag in the past 24 hrs.

Lots of comments in local as we pass through.

One war target took exception to my Scorpion, suggesting that I wasn't playing "fairly".

Let's get this straight. The "fair" comes once a year, in the fall & features corny dogs & caramel apples. If I'm in a "fair" fight, then I've made a mistake. I want every engagement to be a 50 vs 1 insta-pop. CCP says that Eve features non-consensual combat. Fine. Those that would stoop to war dec'ing a training corp have no moral ground to cry for "fair" fights. They deliberately sought un-"fair" fights from the outset and cry out for "fair"-ness only when they are on the short end of the stick.

When you war dec the Uni, you must expect to fight overwhelming fleets of small ships piloted by the most bloodthirsty nOOb's ever seen, backed by loads of electronic warfare and a few specialized big ships flown by the Uni's most experienced pilots. Either that, or you must expect to stay docked.


Serdic said...

Yeah - it's funny how the bullies whine the loudest about being "fair".

Silentbrick said...

Fair? Fair is their faction loot on sale for Uni profit. They declared war on us, but the problem they have is they have no idea how to fight one. My chivalry extends to raising no hand in anger to women, holding doors open for them, giving my help without desire for pay or recompense and being polite to everyone. It doesn’t extend to vermin that attack students under my care.