Saturday, January 12, 2008

New blood...

Even though there are lots of things to not like about the series of war dec's that we've experienced, one of the positives has been the budding of a new crop of FC's.

Last night, I helped scout for one of our new FC's as he took a group of about 20 out for a bit of a spin. We played tag with a very fast interceptor and his alt for a time. I was really proud of the way that the fleet remained disciplined and did not reply to the taunts & jibes in local.

Fighting any kind of interceptor is frustrating. Fighting a 10k mps interceptor will make a preacher cuss from aggravation. He can't really hurt you as long as you stay grouped up, and you can't catch him to deliver a pounding.

His only effective weapon becomes local chat. Totally ignoring him denies him that satisfaction.

New FC's are learning that FC'ing is like playing speed chess against as many opponents as you have WT's, without any boards and with 10 people randomly putting information in your ear. The amount of stuff going on is dizzying and the rapidity with which the situation changes can leave you staring at the screen in full mental "WTF do I do now" melt down.

Key tools for new FC's:
- Note pad (Scout names & positions at the top of the page!)
- Hardcopy of Ombey's maps
- Sense of humor & double dose of patience

Once again, good job sir! Glad to scout for you any time!


Silentbrick said...

Um, is it bad I just have a pencil and note cards?

I don't have a hard copy of the maps, I don't write down scouts names and positions and I replace humor with a desire for killing WT's and patience with ruthlessness.

Course, then there's the 2+ decades of war gaming experience as well;)

Ah well, being FC is fun, frustrating and mind blowing hectic.

Dee Carson said...

Operative word was "new", Silent, "new"!