Sunday, November 9, 2008

Corp hangar theft

Every now and then, some super sekret spiez haxxor wannabe decides to launch his 'career' by infiltrating Eve University, stealing the contents of the student hangars with a disposable alt and then flushing the alt as soon as the swag is traded to an accomplice.

This isn't really much of an accomplishment. Our mission leads us to be very open in recruitment. Our internal philosophy in dealing with new students is filled with generosity, logistical support and lots of free stuff. Free stuff is self service. Access is based on time in corp.

But management and staff aren't dimwits. Cans are logged. The logs are reviewed. Stock levels in the cans are managed to levels that balance the need to have things readily available vs the minimization of the inherent risk. The free stuff provided is valuable to a young character, but cheap to vets. Most of the time, our budding producers manufacture the items, using minerals that the mining students produce. We don't sell the stuff on the market, so it's not even an income stream hit.

The bottom line is that someone placed an alt inside Eve University for nine months in order to steal a sack of T1 frigates, meta 1/2 modules and starter skillbooks. The total value of the stack could have been earned in a weekend of team running missions or mining.

(slow golf clap) Whoopdee doopee doo. To the person who was at the keyboard behind Ambassador Maleth, I hope you are proud. I hope you tell all your Eve friends so that you will see how valued your activities are.

To our students I said:

Eve is a harsh and cold place. People will take advantage of those that try and help others. Get used to it.


Mynxee said...

Well and amusingly written post, Dee. And just one more good lesson about the harsh realities of EVE...although not quite so harsh in this case. After NINE months this individual still thought stealing that little bit of stuff was worth it?! That's hilarious. He must've been in the short bus class.

Melissa Dawn said...

The amount taken could can be replaced in matter of minutes or hours. I already had dumped most of my old starter items into corp and led an op to refill the coffers, although not neccessary, to prove a point that the matter was indeed trival in monetary terms.

What I find disturbing, is that people have this in their mindset, even in the smallest way. This is a person that has to live with themselves. Sadly, this type of person rarely feels guilty until later stages in life.

These are the type of people who are first to distrust people, call others crooks and commit larcenous acts with a veil of honour and trust.

These are the people who can never look a person in the eye, will always look for a way to get something the easy way and will do anything in their power to deceive others of their own belongings and sell it back to them as a supposed act of sympathy and good will.

To ehco Dee's sentiment in my own words...

Eve isn't the only harsh and cold place. People will take advantage of those that try and help others anywhere, anyplace, anytime. Life is tough, where a helmet.

Alex said...

yo ho

that is very very suckly.

this is my first comment on any blogg world wide :)

I read your blogg, bye chance and it made me rejoin Eve. It gives people some inside into eve uni and also show that good deeds are worth doing.

I left the game some time ago after a short time playing and getting my Hulk. But Eve is a very harsh universe. Like melissa dawn said this mud ball is also tough.

But I hope that the students have at least learnd something from that theft. Good and bad.

best wishes to you and your good work

Ombey said...

Not sure what's lamer- the act of the theft, or what he took!

Silentbrick said...

Yeah, I find it pretty amusing when they raid the lower level hangers. Ohhh, look at me, I can steal stuff open to everyone. Fah. The Uni isn't hurting for mods and ships, heck, we have so much really that just storing it and keeping track of it is a real pain.

I find it amusing to hear people claim "I'm roleplaying a thief". Well, considering that they have to lie to people RL to roleplay a thief in Eve, to gain trust with RL people and betray it, they clearly fit into the subhuman vermin category of people in RL.

Few people realize what constant lies, deception and immorality does to them. It eats away at the soul, until I believe that while you may walk and talk, you've stopped being human. I can honestly say I have few friends but I know alot of people. I've simply been burned far too often by people who abuse that friendship to benefit themselves.

WTM said...


The individual does indeed sound a bit "special", can't even manage a decent corp theft, after nine months....

Oh well, good lesson for your students. Plus it's good you can clearly identify who it was, nothing worse than the stench of suspicion to damage a corp.