Friday, November 21, 2008

Today's Lesson: Lack of Movement = Getting Set Up

When my RL ex-attack pilot buddies talk about combat tactics, they never fail to include one of their truisms : "One pass, haul ass!". In context, they mean that sticking around for an extended period of time in an area where there are people who are trying to kill you is generally a bad idea.

The EVE corollary is that sitting in one place allowing your OPFOR time to setup and bust you, even if you can see part of it happening, is not an optimal tactical solution.

One of our rising star FC's had a smallish fleet of about 15 next door to OPFOR's home system. In addition, we had a couple of Recon pilots keping an eye on OPFOR's home station. Couple of WT's in interceptors and a Rokh. One of the other Directors and I are in Korsiki, 15 jumps away. He & I discuss & decide that by the time we got there, anything that was going to happen would be history.

But... 5 minutes pass and no engagement.

So, Silent's alt grabs a Rapier & I roll out my trusty Falcon and we sprint down the pipe.

As we leave Korsiki, scouts report that one 'ceptor logged, but the other ' ceptor and the Rokh had warped to the the gate opposite of our fleet. The 'ceptor jumps through and heads out to an observation point 220+ KM from the gate with a clear view of our fleet sitting on the gate.

And they just sat there. Rokh about 20km off the gate, 'ceptor on the other side staring at our fleet.

They sat there long enough for a Rapier and 2 Falcons to make a 15 jump sprint and get set up with the two other Recons on the Rokh. Five recons? Overkill, you say? Psh. There is no such thing as overkill. There is only "Target!" and "Reloading!".

Rapier uncloaks & tackles. As soon as the Rokh aggresses, the rest of the recon gang uncloaks & starts frying eyeballs. FC jumps the fleet through and, as Grandpa would say, "It was all over, 'cept the shoutin'!".

So today's lesson is:

Sticking around the same spot, even if you are not technically 'still' is a bad idea. Someone is probably looking at you co-ordinating a party with you as the guest of honor. It's not paranoia if they're really out to get you...

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Melissa Dawn said...

While the Interceptor was in the other system talking in local about how the fleet was wasting their time, the Rokh sat aligned toward a station with invisible eyes all over the place. He thought the fleet was going to jump through and he was going to have his pick of the crop. Boy was he wrong.

He was waiting for them to jump alright but he wasn't expecting to get LOLbumped by a Anathema , webbed by a Rapier and fried by Falcons, "then" have the fleet jump in. Silly Rohk. His Interceptor friend didn't follow the gate camp in for some reason. *shrug*

Just because you don't have eyes on the enemy, doesn't mean they don't have eyes on you. They should know by now that if they see my name in local, they're most likely being stalked.

Thanks for joining in. It would have gone down a bit differently had you and Silent both not decided to take the trip.

Mmm, fried eyeballs on a stick, just how I like it.