Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Today's Lesson: Logoffsky = fail , m'kay?

The mercs that were hired to dec us have rapidly devolved to mostly staying docked up many jumps away from Korsiki. Understandable.

Yesterday, an OPFOR cruiser pilot made this mistake of warping to the same spot 100km off a Uni gate camp twice. After his cruiser goes pop, he immediately logged off. No prober was available, so it worked. This time.

Later, this same pilot returned to his home station in Amarr. I was in system providing overwatch and early warning as one of our student FC's formed a fleet in Korsiki, planning to travel to Amarr & at least show the flag. Other scouts were out and about in the area as well.

The OPFOR pilot in question undocks in a Harpy and proceeds to putter around the undock point. As some point, he must have flipped a can or somehow aggro'ed another corp, because about 1/2 dozen ships unloaded a can of industrial strength whup ass on the lone Harpy. I report this on our TS channel for the entertainment of the fleet forming.

The Harpy goes 'pop' and, lo and behold, the Harpy pilot logs in space and his pod warps away from the station. I report this in TS and one of our probers says that he is 4 jumps out, armed with a single Hobgoblin II and already inbound.

Seconds later "Probe Launched".... "Pod hit, warping".... "Drone Launched!"

I warped to our prober and arrived just in time to hear the 'squish' of a pod & "Tower, Ghostrider requesting a flyby!" from a solitary 'goblin II that was doing victory rolls!

So, boys & girls, today's lesson is about logging off with aggro:

- You are visible to all, not just those that you were aggro'ed with.
- Logging off in space with an aggro timer in a system with WT's who have demonstrated that they can and will probe you down is not going to get you a seat on the stage at graduation.


PsycheDiver said...

Way to show those mercs who's boss!

Manasi said...

HAHAHA I love it when "idiots attack" and do dumb ass things..Gratz on the PK little Mr. hobgoblin ( i.e. declaring war against EvE Uni is IMO the ultimate show of stupidity)

Mynxee said...

It is remarkably satisfying to probe out somone's pod and squish it. It's that squish sound...that addictive squish sound...

Leumas said...

That's great.

I am not at all experienced in combat, so I feel like I am enrolled in some sort of distance education course with all the good information that comes out of these blogs.

Jameme Draden said...

Jeez, if you are going to hold a war, you should at least show up. Thinking you can solo hunt a corp of 1500+ noobs in training == fail.

Jason said...

Haha! Outstanding, Uni! Keep taking em to task :D