Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I/O Overload!

Quantum Rise Release date set for 11 Nov

QR Feature Set

CCP Zulupark's Ask Anything Responses

Also changes on the test server to Orca that I'll discuss separately....

Zulupark's Live Dev Blog answers were very, very interesting. Lots of nuggets of info and hints about things to be released at Fanfest.

Looks like we will shortly see:

- T3 ships
- non-static 'roid belts
- fuel bay added to Black Op ships
- Stealth local (at least in 0.0)

Of all of the comments/observations that Zulupark made the one that sparked the most volume and heat was this:

eKuivocal wrote:

5.) In short will hi-sec ever be nerfed? It seems crazy to me that you can chill in hi-sec and make just as much money running level 4's as risking your nuts in 0.0 ratting. Risk and reward between security systems should be rebalanced IMHO.

CCP Zulupark wrote:
High-sec nerfed:
Personally I'd like to see more lvl4 agents move more to low-sec, but that's just my personal opinion. This is a very delicate system and any kind of interference with it needs careful consideration. So far we haven't looked at it in any seriousness.

Our internal forums are alive with the debate about the desirability/implications of moving most/all L4 agents to low-sec, despite the huge disclaimer at the end of Zulupack's comment.

The argument for moving most/all L4 agents to low-sec goes like this:
  • Eve is predicated on non-consensual combat (Risk)
  • For a greater level of risk, there should be a greater level of reward
  • Therefore, the greatest isk rewards should be available to those players that play in the riskiest areas
  • Running L4 agents in Empire removes players from high levels of risk, but provides very high levels of rewards
  • Therefore, moving L4 agents to low-sec is desirable because it balances the risk/reward equation
The response runs like this:
  • Eve is a sandbox game. Forcing players to choose between lowering their standard of living or adopting a PvP playstyle is fundamentally inconstant with that design philosophy.
  • This is the latest whine from pirates who feel that target density is too low and the existing targets are too skilled to be profitably engaged.
  • Moving L4 agents to lowsec will only result in mission runners concentrating on high quality L3 agents. Mission runners understand that their PvE optimized ships are not viable for PvP.
  • What about other professions? Trading/production/invention all can earn significant isk, with low/no risk. Will you also propose moving all of these professions to low/null sec?
At least on the Uni boards, this issue has stirred up pages of comments.

But, there's nothing coming soon, m'kay?


Anonymous said...

...a very valid answer.

CCP Might aswell give a private server for those null/lowsec pirates...

Sandbox game means we have different styles of gameplay, so if we are not allowed to make decent money in Empire, "they" shouldn't be allowed to dec' us and shoot our Hulks to pieces. And I seriously doubt there is a single player running lvl 4's out there who prefers missioning in lowsec just because of the adrenaline/rush of it...


Balance?? Nonsense...

Merkus Letifer

Leumas said...

I don't know, it seems like moving the L4 agents to low sec would go a long ways towards balancing things out. They have been trying to get people in to low sec for a while.
It would be interesting to see how the players react. Would there be a significant increase in cooperation as corps and alliances begin to establish themselves in low sec areas to try and control the pirate population?