Sunday, January 18, 2009

An All-Star Line Up...

Seppuku Warriors' PvP Instructors

One of the reasons I was excited about helping Sabre start Seppuku Warriors was the vision of including acknowledged PvP experts as a part of our cadre of instructors.

I think these fit the bill:

Sir Molle(EVOL) - CEO and Leader Of The Band of Brothers Alliance
KOTH Fluf(SHIVA) - CEO, NC Senior FC and Ex Leader of Morsus Mihi, VC and FA
Rooman(ANZAC) - CEO and Leader Of Southern Cross Alliance
00Tricky(RKK) - Director of Reikoku and GBC Senior FC

There are a couple of other folks that have yet to confirm, and of course our founders have chops of their own, but these name should be enough to tweak the interest level.

Obviously, these pilots will be represented by alts. No one could expect otherwise, but the key idea is that these guys are setting aside the political positions of their mains in order to teach small gang PvP to less experienced pilots.

Could it be that even the Big Guys still like to blow stuff up?


Tony said...

Wow, congradulations!

But how did you get the leaders of opposing factions to join under one banner?

I am astounded at the moment!

Mynxee said...

Very exciting!

Dee Carson said...

Tony, they were told what we were going to do, told that we were going to approach pilots from all factions and then asked if they wanted to participate.

That's it. ;)

Mark said...

Wow, this is almost worth reactivating my account for!

Tony said...

Wow, impressive!

Can't wait to hear more.

Leumas said...

... (speechless)

Naz said...

I'm in Awe Dee. Good Job, and a nice show of diplomacy getting opposite numbers to show up and teach. The learning curve in Eve is quite steep and additional PvP training is much needed.

Anonymous said...

Gratz Dee! Seems like there is an all star group to be sure!

Best wishes as always

Scot McPherson said...

What are the requirements to join?