Monday, January 12, 2009

RL Update: Back Home and Thank you!

My Father-In-Law has returned home and so have I. He continues to improve on a daily basis and the familial focus has moved beyond the immediate to the long term as we seek to find the courses of action that provide him with a satisfying lifestyle without putting him at risk. Your thoughts and prayers were (and continue to be) greatly appreciated by all of the family.

The LT has a new assignment in Iraq as the platoon leader for the Brigade 6's personal security detail. He will also get promoted to 1st Lt in a few days. Rumors swirl that their deployment will be cut short of the 15 month standard. My advice to daughter and wife has been to plan for 15 months unless and until he deplanes in CONUS with the rest of 4BCT 1CAV.

I'll post a separate EVE update later today and will only tease with this:


manasi said...

Hooray!...Glad he is home :) Continued well wishes being sent your way.

Tony said...

Holy wow!

Congrats on LT's promotion and may he be back with his family soon!

I am looking forward to this "Seppuku Warriors"! Is this a new corp I am guessing?

Good luck!

PsycheDiver said...

Congrats to the LT.

/me sends good vibes your way.

Mynxee said...

Dee, this is such good news. *hugs* Fingers crossed the LT comes home early.