Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Discussion #1: ECM Countermeasures

From my favorite Lady Pirate:

Discussion #1: ECM Countermeasures

The core question is how to deal with OPFOR ECM ships. As a dedicated Falcon pilot, I'll take a swing at providing some insight.

I'll start with this: Fitting all your ships with ECCM gives me the win before I undock. Just don't.

Make sure you understand your goal. Do you want to kill me or is it enough to make me disengage so that you can kill my mates? Tactics always are a function of objectives.

Killing me usually means I've made a mistake. I decloaked too early in the engagement or too close. I didn't hold back that last jammer as a hole card. I wasn't moving and aligned to a 'Get Out Of Dodge' spot. If I've played the situation right, you are going to have to be very lucky to be able to drop a tackler on me. Falcons range tank and jam tank and have to have cap to live. Denied those three items, a Falcon goes 'pop' pretty darn fast.

Making me disengage is easier, because I have to honor the threat. If you have lots of points on the primary & secondary, send your interceptors my way. Warrior II's assigned to a Taranis are a nightmare. Counter-jamming with your own Falcon turns the engagement into a roll of the dice and I'll bounce out and back to force a re-roll if I'm unlucky. And if you have a Curse, you'll make me move quickly and often. Every time I'm forced to disengage, you open a window for your team to kill my mates.

Unless another Falcon uncloaks when I have to leave... ;)


Mynxee said...

Very informative...straight from the horse's mouth, as they say :) Thanks for participating, Dee.

PsycheDiver said...

My efforts to get jammers to disengage is usually my primary tactic, as I usually don't run any ECCM.