Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Final thoughts on Ivy Dec

The Ivy dec has been completed. The conditions of our contract were all met or exceeded.

I've struggled to communicate the sincerity of my personal feeling that, for me, the dec was nothing personal and that the view that all who try to blow you up in Eve are scum, vermin or subhuman is not only factually wrong, but detrimental to the game.

The doubters and the haters are entitled to their opinion and throughout the discussion, both here and on the Seppuku public boards, they have been able to express those opinions freely and without restriction.

Actions speak louder than words and to demonstrate my sincerity, the following BPC's have been contracted to Azmodeus Valar DirLog of Eve University:

Megathron 3X ME40 PE15
Dominix 3X ME 30 PE15
Drake 5X ME35 PE10
Vexor 5X ME35 PE15
Harbinger 5X ME45 PE48
Blackbird 5X ME30 PE10
Stabber 5X ME30 PE15
Cormorant 10X ME75 PE60
Merlin 30X ME38 PE20

250mm Rails 300X ME100 PE50
Cataclysm 3000X ME75 PE75
Devastator 3000X ME50 PE50
Paradise 3000X ME50 PE50
Wraith 3000X ME50 PE50
Ogre I's 1500X ME120 PE120

Combat Probes 3000X ME50 PE25
Scan Probes 1000X ME40 PE40

Cargo Rigs 50X ME365 PE10

I'll have nothing more to say about Ivy and Uni.



Anonymous said...

Nice gesture DC! Very cool indeed! Leading horse to water (check), providing good water for him to drink (check) Encouraging him to drink (check)..making him drink (fail)

Good effort tho!

X1376 said...

I was following the media war on CAOD, I like reading it. Many things were said and not only nice one. Though I wonder, was it a good deal for Seppuku Warriors at the end? I think your medial image was hit by this contract quite a bit.

Anonymous said...

Even though you destroyed the Uni POS, I have to take my hat off to this gesture of SW...

I'm quite sure all these things will find itself into capable hands soon :)

However, putting ISK over personal feelings is a bit strange in my book :)

Yrielle Vandis

Disclaimer: This is a personal opinion, and has nothing to do with the views of E-Uni leadership

Klokvarg said...

Dee, good times were had exchanging fire with you. I'll see you out in the ether.

o7 Klokvarg

vasimv said...

Please, remove your Diretor emeritus medal as you offered before war ("If you want my Director Emeritus medal, you can pry it from my cold, dead, hand."). One of us podkilled you.

And leave these bpcs for your logoffski warriors. They'll need it if will continue to use CTRL-Q to "reduce client lags" (heh).

Dee Carson said...

@ vasimv

/me shakes head sadly. Hope the koolaide continues to taste good. See Manasi's comment above.


BTW, the losses in Korsiki during the POS takedown have been petitioned. A number of them have already been returned, with the remainder still in process.

Latrodanes said...

Just glad it's over.

I remember asking to join Uni, but was told I was too old a character (c.8mo) and that the Uni couldn't provide PvP training. Soooo, I took my boats and went somewhere else. Pity, that. I'd much rather have learned to fight for a "good" cause. I had numerous hulls/fits and plenty of ISK and just needed a bit of training and experience.

Dee Carson said...

@ Latrodanes

Seppuku would be glad to have you. Convo me in game on drop me a note.