Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wanderings of a Carebear

Kirith asks where have you been in Eve.

I was interested in that question, so I dumped the map below (click for the full view):

Pretty much what one would expect for a Caldari carebear. The few dots in Syndicate are recent and the result of Seppuku's HQ in Stacmon. I can't remember what I was doing in the fall of 2007 that had me out in the north east Indian Country.

Could be interesting to review this in 90 days or so and see what changes...

[Queue ominous music as Our Hero scans the horizon & mutters "It's quiet.... Too damn quiet... Security! Send a 2 man redshirt recon team to sweep the perimeter."]




Kirith Kodachi said...

Its interesting how almost every one has a few red colour clusters and a scattering of yellow roams.

I'm surprised that mine has held up as one of the most travelled. A function of my inability to stay in a corp for very long I guess :P

Altaree said...

eve uni low sec/0.0 wanderings?

Mynxee said...

Neat patterns on your map, Dee.

Again I say, cool EVE meme, Kirith!

Dee Carson said...

@ Altaree

Some. There was a low sec program that I was in for a time and I did poke around a bit in the BWF area after I got to the point that I understood what was going on.