Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Here's to new ships & stuff!

My buddy Eyedoll passed me a sniper fit Curse that I tweaked a little to get this:

[Curse, New Setup 1]
Reactor Control Unit II
Reactor Control Unit II
Reactor Control Unit II
Reactor Control Unit II

Cap Recharger II
Cap Recharger II
Cap Recharger II
Sensor Booster II, Scan Resolution
10MN MicroWarpdrive II
Large Shield Extender II

Drone Link Augmentor I
Drone Link Augmentor I
Drone Link Augmentor I
Ammatar Navy Heavy Energy Neutralizer
Improved Cloaking Device II

Ancillary Current Router I
Ancillary Current Router I

Hammerhead II x5
Warrior II x10
Vespa EC-600 x5
When I first started looking at it, I was very skeptical. The whole fit is designed to allow you to squeeze a large neut on a cruiser hull. It is gimped in so many different ways that I was tempted to not even undock it.

And then I looked at the neut range and the neut amount....

Hmmm... 1 cycle caps out just about every cruiser hull & smaller... From 75km+ (named for 75km.... Faction will give you 88.6km)... Interesting... You'd be in falloff for Falcon's & Rooks and sensor strength of 28 means they will be having a hard time anyway... A little bit of DPS from the drone bay...

Certainly not a solo ship, but lots of ways to be useful in a small gang of HACs & Recons.

So, I undocked it and got various corpmates & alts to play target. We played with interceptors, Falcons, Blackbirds, logistics, battlecruisers and battleships. As you might expect, the smaller the hull, the more devastating the attack. 'Ceptors trying to burn to me were capped within 10-15k of crossing the 75km line. Cruisers took longer to cap, but covered about the same ground.

Bottom line is that I'll be flying this for real to see how it performs and how targets react to a Curse engaging them from 75km. I was hoping to do that already, but the last mercs that were hired to dec us retracted when their employer failed to uphold thier end of the bargin. Pity.

In other news:

- All of the battleships and pods lost in the Korsiki POS battle are in the process of being restored by petition. GM's can tell the difference between desynchs and disconnects, even if others who fail to understand game mechanics do not. Falsely accusing someone of employing logoff tactics is pretty lame and might be taken personally, if we cared.

- After watching Yue carve up everything in the sky with a Zealot, I've rearranged my training plan a bit. 12 days and I'll be fitting out one of those little monsters & asking Yue for lessons in flying it. The gold ships seem a little strange to me, though... Subconsciously, I'm afraid that it will 'glint' in the sun & give away my location! ;)

- The LT is on the manifest for the last 4 BCT 1 CAV flight out of the sandbox. 2 weeks +/- should see him home.

- Melissa Dawn started a new trend in Seppuku sigs that feature a more, shall we say, 'bare bones' approach to swords. Here's my newest take:


KKassandra said...

'All of the battleships and pods lost in the Korsiki POS battle are in the process of being restored by petition. GM's can tell the difference between desynchs and disconnects'

What would your reaction be to the Uni petitioning for the return of the POS, given the frequent desyncs sufferred by the defending fleet and the POS gunners?

I'm not saying this in a critical and accusing way - I'm confident you would agree that you sufferring zero losses in the battle is not 'fair', even if that will be the effective result following these petitions. Unfortunately I do not have a solution to this problem, but would you agree that this will result in a less than fair outcome to the battle, from a space-bushido perspective, if you willl? :)

KKassandra said...

'All of the battleships and pods lost in the Korsiki POS battle are in the process of being restored by petition. GM's can tell the difference between desynchs and disconnects'

Would you agree that this would seem to result in a somewhat 'unfair' result to the battle - you suffer zero losses, but the POS is still gone? This isn't a criticism - if a petition will get your ships returned, petition away. It just doesn't seem right to me - particularly since the lag/desynchs also affected the defenders (especially the POS gunners). Your thoughts?

Dee Carson said...

@ KKassandra

Not sure which comment you wanted, so I cleared them both.

If Uni wishes to petition for the return of the POS, then that is their right and if the GM's return it, then good for Uni! I have absolutely no problem with that.

None of our petitions were based on the equity of the fight, but rather that technical issues prevented us from fighting at all.

The POS gunners were affected, but most of the battleship losses were unpiloted ships that were scanned down with aggro timers while the pilots were rebooting desynched or DC'ed clients. Since those engagements didn't happen on the POS grid, the lag experienced was much less severe.

I don't have a solution either. The node couldn't be reinforced because the battle wasn't big enough. [shrugs]

So with respect to 'fair'... It comes once a year, in the fall & I like caramel apples! ;)

Latrodanes said...

1st - Here's wishing LT a safe and swift trip home.

2nd - Nice Curse fitting concept. Sounds like you may definitely have a winner as a group support vessel. I'd pay to see the look on the unhappy target's face when you zap him/her from that far out. :-)

Meyr said...

Well, geez, Dee...

Does this mean I can petition to get my Helios back, since grid lag caused me to get decloaked, and thus killed by you guys?

Somehow, I think not.

Are you guys accepting any losses from the fight, or are you petitioning every one? Your statement seems to indicate that you feel that SW should have suffered no legitimate losses.

Dee Carson said...

@ Meyr

See the comment to KKassandra above.

Petition whatever your heart desires. At then end of the day, the GM's will review the logs and determine which losses were legit and which were caused by lag/desynch.

I have no opinion as to the probability of our suffering any losses during the POS fight.

I will say that during the period from the beginning of the POS fight until 16:27 (when Dierdra Vaal's smartbomb caused hundreds of Concord to appear on the field), we had lost no ships and killed 25. VC lost 3 to Euphoria Released (not a Seppuku target at that point) and none to Uni fleets.

All our losses (and all but the 3 mentioned above for VC) occurred after 16:27.

Add those facts to the After Action Reports from your own pilots who indicate that they were not engaging on the POS grid, but were scanning down single, stationary ships (that is, un-piloted ships with aggro timers). Ask yourself why a pilot in our fleet would warp away from a formation of 45+ remote repping battleships that had suffered no losses to the POS guns or the Uni fleet? Ask why if your guys ambushed a repair safespot, why there were no logistics ship kills?

In retrospect, the fabled invulnerability of the Uni's Empire Faction Deathstar to anything less than 100's of battleships was just another of the viewpoints that I took with me when I left Uni that turned out to be less than 100% accurate.