Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Situational Awareness: A Must for EWAR Pilots

If you are an EWAR pilot, one of the first things you need to understand is that there are times when you don't want to jam or damp a WT out of the fight. Doing so only helps him and hurts you.

For example, tonight a Uni fleet of 15-20, including a Scorpion, at least 2 Blackbirds and at least 2 Celestis, was holding on the Osmon gate in Korsiki. I was in an Onyx offgrid to the gate and had 5 or 6 support offgrid of the Korsiki gate in Osmon. The plan was for me to solo warp to the gate at zero and tackle the Scorpion and hold him down long enough for the support fleet to hit the gate & jump.

I landed on the gate and immedately tackled the Scorp & started tossing a few heavies at him to keep him occupied. I started receiving return fire from the Uni fleet and was having no issue tanking when the all of the Uni EWAR hit. I was jammed and damped before my second volley was fired. Doing so was a huge tactical mistake by the Uni EWAR pilots.


Because as long as I was agressing, my cool down timer for gate jump wasn't starting to run. As soon as I was jammed, that cooldown timer begins and I am free to jump system when it expires, but the folks that were jamming and/or shooting would not be able to follow the jump! So, since I was able to tank their damage output, I could have jumped and evaded as soon as the gate would let me.

In that situation, EWAR pilots should only jam or damp as a measure of last resort. You want me to stay agressed so that I can't jump. FC should also be considering jumping a few tacklers to the other side of the gate (assuming FC knows it's clear) to catch me if I de-agress and jump. You want to soak up my DPS so you can trap me on the gate and kill me.

Our support jumped in and Uni left the field with no losses on either side. I had a conversation with the FC later & we talked about the situation. He was unaware that jamming me allowed the cooldown timer to start.

Guess there's a few more Uni pilots that have picked up some valuable insight as a direct result of our war.


Antredes said...

I think you can call the Uni's EWAR response "Rabid Doberman Puppy Syndrome". :)

Dee Carson said...

@ The Foul Mouthed Anonymous poster

Congratulations, you said one of the magic words!

Deleted - DC

Anonymous said...

Dee, the Uni can say what they want, but this is positive criticism, and the members might learn something out of this too.
Hell, I'm a new player myself, and I'm learning too, even if I don't own any EW ships, or feel the need to fly some anyway.

All I have to say is: You're doing a good job in this blog, even though I can't stand the fact you guys nuked the hell out of the POS.

I'm already looking forward to more of such blog entries.

-A disgruntled Ex-Unista -

Anonymous said...

@ "A disgruntled Ex-Unista-" I'm posting with my main, even when being critical of SW - Gives your words a little more weight when spoken.

Otherwise you look like your just another whiner. (For future reference JAW will be the applicable acronym...)

Asuri Kinnes

P.S. - If MM doesn't know who's behind the deck... ?


Anonymous said...

Asuri here:

Seems to me the Uni went from being a 0.0 Sovreignty & Teaching Institution and transitioned to a Teaching Institution.

I don't think the change in direction was entirely appreciated at the time, nor is it now.

PvP'rs saw "their" game diminished, and replaced with a bunch of boring Empire wars. Many of them went to different 0.0 alliances, pirate outfits or what have you. This left less and less PvP minded people in the Uni (and Empire).

0.0 is not end-game. Its part of the game, and if CCP's numbers are to be trusted, 0.0 makes up a minority of the games players. I got that from the Devblog (cannot find it now) that stated that roughly 75% of all toons never leave Hi-Sec.

That means that 0.0 accounts for 25% (- the Low-Sec population). It is where the biggest toys are, but not everyone is interested in Caps, Dreds, Towers or Politics.

This "Game that everyone else is playing" is pretty much exactly what the Uni is doing... Industry, mining, missioning and exploring, with a bit of PvP thrown in here and there...

For what seems to be suggested here, on the Seppuku Warriors Board and in private convo's I've had, you guys want Eve Uni to be more like Agony... How can it be, and still teach miners/industrialists / explorers / mission runners?

Dee Carson said...

@ AK - "(For future reference JAW will be the applicable acronym...)"

So let it be written, so let it be done!

I think it's fair to say there are those (both inside & outside the Uni) that would like to see more PvP training and activities and see that perceived shortcoming as a problem in and of itself.

Personally, I see the PvP 'problem' as symptomatic of other core issues as I've discussed previously.

Anonymous said...

The reason why I'm disgruntled is due to the long term station spinning I have done recently. Now having dropped back to NPC Corp, I can go out and mission/mine again.
I know I can always fleet up to go outside of a station, but I'm not interested in any PvP fights at this time at all.
I'll happily fleet up (if ever I get the chance), but not at this time.
It's just the spinning which has made me "disgruntled".

AK, I don't know for certain if you took my "whine" as you see it the bad way, but it was not a whine at all.
Seems to me the downside of the internet, you just can't know in what kind of tone it is being said :(

I was just giving my opinion on what Dee is doing here, that's all.

However, I love the Uni, and what it stands for, don't get me wrong about this.

If you want to refer to me as JAW, then no probs at all, I won't take it personal at all.

I was just stating a small fact that Uni (and Ex-Uni) members alike could learn from what Dee said about this encounter, and should not go negative on this because it's Dee (as is my view of what is currently happening in E-Uni for some).

Just my .2 ISK


Anonymous said...

ok just came back i thought that eve uni taught not to jam fire or anythink else there where ships on the other side of the gate and told about the timer when u fire on someone

Vonatar said...

Dee and Sabre at war with E-Uni? Whatever next? I'm still glad I left Eve and can chill in Hello Kitty Online.

Hope someone's taking my ships out to get blown up by these SW guys.

Anonymous said...

On the EWAR decision making. As you said it depends on situational awareness.

You were with a gang that was hoping to get them to aggro so you could tackle and have the rest of your gang engage.

If the object of their EWAR was to break tackle and GTFO then throwing everything at you was the right response. Their subsequent actions (high-tailing it) seems to support this read.

If the object of their EWAR was to get you to aggro so they could kill you before your gang arrived then your analysis is correct.

In any event only 1 ship should have EWAR'd you with every other ship holding damps/jams for your friends warp in. (Further EWAR could be applied if 1 ship was unsuccessful in taking you out of play).

Idealy, the Uni FC allocates one of the jammers you as his target to jam on initial enemy warp in. All other EWAR holds for your friends. As soon as your friends appear on overview you get jammed so that you lose you point and your target can GTFO if required. This way your cooldown starts as late as possible and your target is not pointed if GTFO is ordered as response to your gang's arrival. Equally, jams/damps can be applied to you in the unlikely event you start killing something they want to save.

Generally your right though - with the intent of your post - too many EWAR pilots (especially young ones) don't know how to utilise their EWAR tactically. Equally, too many FCs don't know the potential of EWAR leaving it up to the individual pilots to use their own tactical nous.

EWAR is a gang asset and should be used as such. IE when the enemy is known the FC allocate EWAR to ships prior to engagement (in the same way Primaries are often called before engagement) OR when ship types aren't known the FC provides a general outline of EWAR priorities during the engagement (Ie for a med range cruiser/frig gang: I want damps on missile boats - Drakes/Cerbs, Ravens in that order - TDs on snipers and pulse boats, so load optimal scrips and I want jammers to take out the opposition's EWAR first then close range ships. Avoid the primary if you have a choice. Co-ordinate targets in gang chat. Any qs?)

Sucking eggs for a competent FC but control of EWAR is an important part of the 'complete' FC package.