Sunday, December 23, 2007

From last night's op

I FC'ed a medium sized (for Uni standards) fleet of 40+ last night for a little over an hour. Since our OPFOR chose to remain docked, I used it as a chance to let everyone hear what normally happens behind the scenes and left all normal command channel coms in the clear.

We ran the pipe, set up some gate camps, moved the squads independently and generally had a pleasant trip. We didn't get to shoot anyone, but we didn't get shot at either.

Funniest comment I saw in local yesterday as we were moving:

Pilot> Dear Lord...
Pilot> Note to self: "Never, ever, piss off E-Uni."

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Latest Days said...

Thanks for FCing that op, Dee, in the way you did. Seeing a little behind the curtain was a very useful learning experience.