Thursday, December 13, 2007

No, I'm not dead, it's just been one of those months...

No excuses, just facts... RL holidays & end of year work stuff. Struggling with the Trinity upgrade. None of my boxes can run the premium content and all of my boxes have suffered from significant frame rate drops using Classic graphics with the new engine... My notebook played the best before Trinity, but is now unplayable for anything beyond basic travel & station work. From 40+fps pre patch in station to 7 fps afterward. My older desktop went from 30fps to about 20fps. And yes, I've upgraded all the firmware, drivers & direct X. I turned off sound & effects. I'm running full screen mode with the same resolution set for Windows & for the game.... All that, still no joy.. My bug report, with attached DXDiag is in the queue, but I'm not taking any bets on how long it will take to be answered.

In game, we've had 4 weeks of war, with all the fun and frustration that goes along with it... I only had one "Ruh Roe" moment as I logged on at lunch & answered Saber's call to "Get your ass in your Scorp & get on the Osmon gate, now!" I'm in warp to the gate, when I see local start spiking... Tango count goes from 1 to 12+ while I'm in warp.... Predictably, I'm called primary as soon as I drop out of warp on the gate... Jammed 4 & tried to align for warp out... My pod made it, but my Scorp went out in flames! And I'm asking myself, "Hey Dumbass! Why are warping to the gate when you can jam from 150km & you have a set of bookmarks at that distance?" Dumbass didn't have a good answer. :(

The past few days have been better as I've at least got a semi-usable box. We've popped a few can flippers and producing scripts has had a positive impact on my wallet. Working on plans for some kind of mining contest and a road trip to Debyl before year end. Anything to keep me from having to go shopping with She Who Must Be Obeyed & the daughters! lol!

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bellatroix said...

I've found that level 4s are a lot worse on my PCs and my roommate's Mac laptop is just about unplayable at the moment - the mac client crashes at random leading to the loss of many a drone.

Hopefully there'll be a patch soon to help out with the crappy performance on some machines :(