Friday, December 21, 2007

Things That Happen in EVERY Uni War

Any time any war fighting organization goes to war, there are certain things that you can be absolutely sure will happen. They have always happened and they always will happen. To wit:

- A Uni pilot will get solo popped returning to Korsiki from a Jita 4-4 shopping expedition.
- A Uni pilot will lose a mining ship while mining during wartime.
- 30 minutes into the first gate camp, Fleet Chat will contain "This is booooooring. Sad I wanna shoot sum body!"
- 40 minutes into the first gate camp, FC on TS will say "Frigates, you should still be orbiting in jump range. 25Km is _not_ jump range."
- A Uni pilot will target: a gate / a corpmate / a wreck / a billboard and try to tackle it.

Also these:

- A uber l33t walking e-peen PvP machine will lose his fully T2 fitted T2 ship named "F34R the R34P3R!" to a 30+ T1 Uni fleet.
- Someone in local will ask "Holy s***! What class is the Uni having???"
- There will be an occasion where the fleet will consist of 36 pilots and local count will be 37. The one guy will be at the pod wash removing brown stain.

But most importantly, this:

Eve Uni kicks serious tail!

This is because of our team work and our pilots. 'Grats!

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