Friday, December 14, 2007

Scripts = mid slot nerf

Had a couple of questions about scripts last night in corp...

Pre Trininty (PT), some modules boosted 2 attributes. For example, sensor boosters both increased your lock range and reduced your lock time. 2 sensor boosters in a sniping Rokh gave you the ability to lock out to 249km at to have a relatively quick lock time on small targets.

As a part of the Trinity patch, these dual boost modules had their base bonuses cut in half. You can add a script to the module to increase one of bonuses back to PT level, at the expense of no boost to the second bonus.

So, in order to get the same attribute bonus as 1 PT sensor booster, you now have to fit 2. Double the number of mids required to get the same performance.

Snipers now have to choose between range, lock time, damage & tracking speed. Fitting just got a whole lot more complicated and juggling scripts adds to the combat load of the pod pilot. Anyone else want a EWO in the backseat?

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METADOG said...

grrr..scripts..i was enlightned when i climbed into 1 of my ew ships..THANKS CCP..but the tech portion thanks,to Dee. doesn't comfort me either.damned if u do damned if u don't...Thanks DEE.