Monday, December 31, 2007

A good day....

FC'ed a medium size fleet of 45 from Korsiki to the destination gate a few systems out. Scouts had identified light OPFOR movement in near by systems.

OPFOR Domi came in to the other side of our gate camp at 100km. Fleet commanders conferred & agreed that this felt like an invitation to jump our 'ceptors over into the teeth of a smartbomb attack and so we determined to wait & see what OPFOR's next move would be... Tacklers were reminded of the safe orbit distance for smartbombing battleships and a scatter plan was prepared.

Domi jumped through. Tacklers again reminded of safe orbit distance. Domi uncloaked & was insta scrammed, webbed & jammed. Domi began smartbombing, but only Uni drones were in range.

OPFOR losses 1 smartbombing Domi
Uni losses 0 (zero, none, nada, not a single one!) ships, a few drones

Fleet returned to Korsiki without incident.

Later, I joined a Uni fleet camping 10+ OPFOR in their home station. Lots of smack in local. OPFOR surged a force of 3 Raven, 3 Domi, Thorax, Caracal, Taranis and our FC started calling targets... Lag was fairly bad. FC was calling targets that had not yet appeared on my overview!

Uni held the field, dispatching the entire surged force for the loss of a Scorp, Maulis, Merlin & Rupture. After loot/salvage complete, we warped to the designated gate to exit the system. Horrible lag ensued. Lost a battlecruiser who was lagged out when OPFOR undocked second wave.

Several DC's & reboots later, we gathered the fleet & returned to Korsiki.

Recap Kills/Losses

BB 7/1
BC 0/1
CA 2/1
FG 0/2
Int 1/0

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